Sports Massage Can:

* Improve Circulation
* Improve gait quality
* Increase stride length
* Improve co-ordination
* Improve range of motion at and around the joints
* Stimulate and improve muscle development and muscle tone and help prevent muscle atrophy (wastage)
* It aids the removal of toxins and waste products.
* Improve and maintain flexibility and connective tissue elasticity
* Help prevent injury
* Reduce strain on Tendons and Ligaments
* Relieve areas of soreness, tension, discomfort and spasm
* Improve and aid rehabilitation post injury
* Relieve Tension and promote Relaxation
* It can have neurological benefits
* It can be used as a pre-exercise regime (before exercise to warm up muscles and promote relaxation)
* It can be used as a post-exercise regime to aid recovery and decrease muscle soreness (DOMS)

Does your Horse have any of the following Symptoms?

* Defensiveness when touched or tacked up
* Shows an unwillingness to move forward
* Refuses to jump or repeatedly knocks down poles
* Unable to back up when asked
* Unable to track up
* Works with quarters in or out
* Unable to execute lateral work
* Changing canter leads or unable to strike off on the correct lead
* Unable or not willing to work up or down hill (Inclines)
* Change in the horses behavior 
* Shows unwillingness to relax in work

Then your Horse may benefit from Sports Massage Therapy.

PLEASE NOTE: Veterinary liaison is essential - By law, all Equine Body Workers have to obtain veterinary permission and/or referral before working on a horse.