Jemma has been around horses her whole life and has been riding as long as she can remember. Jemma's passion is eventing and she has competed to Intermediate level and has retrained ex-racehorses and brought on youngsters, both for herself and for owners. Having competed at a reasonably high level she understands the demands placed on both horse a rider.

In 2008 Jemma graduated form Hartpury University with a BSc (Hons) degree in Equine Sports Science, It was there that Jemma developed a passion for anatomy and biomechanics in both horse and rider. 

In 2009 Jemma qualified as an Equine Body Worker  with Equinenergy and then went on to study Human Sports Massage therapy at NLSSM. Over the past 10 years she has built a strong business working on both horses and their riders as individuals, and also as a partnership.

Jemma is incredibly passionate about research and she fully understands that the development of current and future research can affect methods used. Therefore she continuously works hard to keep up with the current studies and training improve her knowledge and skills accordingly and to better herself as a Therapist.

 In 2012 she has complete & passed part one of Equinenergy's Advanced Massage course and then went on to carry out a kinesiology taping course.

In 2017 she decided to further her qualifications and undertook a PGdip at Nottingham Veterinary School where she Qualified as a Veterinary Physiotherapist in 2019 with distinction. This now enables her to treat a wider range of animals and work in rehabilitation with Veterinary referral.

In October 2019 Jemma Started her Masters year at Nottingham Veterinary School where she will be focusing on her dissertation on PSD (proxial suspensory desmitis). 

Jemma's aim is to help horses and riders achieve their full potential through her treatments, whereby she utilises and integrates different skills she has obtained over the years. She strives to continue to improve her knowledge and skills with regular CPD events. 

Jemma frequently works alongside a wide range of other highly skilled practitioners including Vets, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Trainers and Dentists. Jemma feels the wellbeing of horses and riders has a fundamental effect on their performance, especially those under the pressure and demands of competition.